Hello Everyone!

How is food used as connection?

Food is central to our social interactions: we typically share meals with our communities, and our ethnic backgrounds determine what and how we eat. Food is used for celebration and ceremony, and to honor and enjoy traditional cultures. Through the process of eating with others, we can also practice mindfulness and intention.

Eating mindfully involves the following…

  • Becoming knowledgeable about portion sizes
  • Balancing meals with healthy nutrients,
  • Actively managing food cravings through awareness *Developing an appreciation for the path of food—from soil to table
  • Becoming aware of the benefits of plant-based foods.
  • Eating a variety of colors and flavors to get the full spectrum of healthy compounds from food in every meal.
  • Taking time to enjoy meals with others when possible, and avoiding eating while working, commuting, or watching TV *Chewing food thoroughly to improve digestion
  • Finding pleasure and joy in cooking, eating, and tasting while making healthy choices.

Exciting News!

Pop in for a socially distanced visit ... I have joined the newly opened Generation Health Medical Clinic in Monkstown.
My Nutritional Advice will be provided to support Dr. Nina Byrne's preventative healthcare philosophy.