Gut Transformation Programme


Follow a 5 Step process to tranform your Gut into a healthy microbiome to support your health and lifestyle

  1. Remove,
  2. Replace,
  3. Reinoculate,
  4. Repair and
  5. Retain.

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What is included in the 6 Week Gut Transformation Programme?

  • Introductory consultation (approx. 90 mins) where I will take a comprehensive case history and full body composition
  • 2 follow up consultations throughout the programme to track progress and make any necessary adjustments
  • Full supplement regime to include a broad range of targeted nutritional supplements
  • Dietary Overview – Dietary do’s and don’ts for the programme
  • Lifestyle Tips- 7 simple lifestyle tips that are an essential part of the Gut Transformation Programme
  • Menu Planner – This gives you an idea of how to plan your diet over a 7-day period
  • Food List – The list of all the foods you CAN eat while on the programme
  • Quick and easy meal and snack ideas
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes – Food, Juice, Smoothies, Soup and Fermented Foods Recipes
  • Continued support, motivation and guidance